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The Imperium is a loose alliance of elven nations intent on world domination. The great houses are not without rivalries, but they share a common contempt for religion and a firm belief in their own racial supremacy.

There was a time when elves gave little thought to the world beyond their borders, save to pity the superstious beliefs of lesser races. Having discovered the true nature of magic (arcane), the elves had long since abandoned foolish notions of gods and deities. Yet they were content to abide the endless stream of holy wars spawned by religion so long as elven lands remained unscathed. That changed when an ancient holy war nearly destroyed the world. The elves underestimated the destructive power of religion, and vowed never to do so again.

As enlightened beings, Elves now consider it their duty to cleanse the world of ignorance and superstition by subjugating the savage (non-elven) races.

Although the Imperium claims dominion over all lands, much of the world remains unconquered and/or explored (see map).

The Southlands are a tropical paradise encompassing the southern landmasses. Breathtaking gardens and palatial cities mark the domain of the Imperium.

The Frontier is a temperate region encompassing the central land masses. Imperial settlements are sprouting in the outskirts, but much remains untamed wilderness.

The Waist Lands are a brutal arctic region encompassing the northern land masses. Despite hostile conditions, rumors of ice laden treasure cities continue to lure expeditions to their doom.


Main Page

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