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The Elves herald arcane magic as the ultimate equalizer, as it requires study and discipline to master and is available to all regardless of race or class. Still, most elves would scoff at the notion of a savage (non-elven) wizard rivaling one of their own.

All wizards use devices to cast spells, but the nature of those devices varies from wizard to wizard. Most choose a device early in their studies and stick with it for the remainder of their career.

A hedron is a length of stardust chain woven between the fingers to form runes. Most are worn about the neck when not in use. This serves to display their prowess, but also keeps the hedron from tangling in dangerous and unpredictable ways.

A wand is an alchemy rod that emits stardust smoke when the tip is struck on a rough surface. The smoke is unusually thick and slow to disperse, allowing the wizard to draw stardust runes in the air.

Crystal Ball
Crystal balls are hollow and contain stardust particles suspended in oil. Static is generated by tracing the surface in particular ways, causing the stardust to morph into the desired rune.

Some wizards smoke special stardust rich tobacco in pipes. The smoke is unusually thick and slow to disperse, allowing the wizard to spew rings of stardust smoke that morph into the desired rune.

Officially, non-elven wizards are permitted to practice their craft so long as they register with imperial authorities. That being said, non-elven wizards of exceptional skill have been known to disappear.



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