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Stardust is a rare black ore that channels magical energy when shaped into geometric runes. Stardust runes are the source of all magic; natural, arcane and divine.

Natural runes are found on creatures with innate magical abilities, typically embedded in shell or bone. As evolutionary traits, these runes cease to function with the death of the creature, but are often prized sources of study.

Arcane runes are crafted to mimic and even improve upon spell like effects found in nature. Some are embedded in objects or devices, while others are shaped on the fly with Hedrons (see wizards) to produce spells suited to an immediate need.

Divine runes are found on the skulls of divine spell casters. They function in the same manner as other runes, but their source is a subject of controversy. Imperials insist that clerics are no different than any other creature with innate magical abilities, that their delusions of divinity are a side effect of channeling magic so close to the brain. Clerics acknowledge the presence of runes, but consider them to be gifts bestowed by their deity.

Extraction is the process of removing stardust from existing runes, and melting it into a travel safe form, like that of a coin. The process requires the skills of a trained professional, as amateurs can easily trigger fatal spell effects by mistake.

The market value of Stardust is equivalent to platinum.



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