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The Oracle

In the mysts of time, the great dragon Apothis
swallowed a star from the heavens.
The heavens wept, and from the tears of heaven
the deep was formed.

Born of heaven’s rage, a dark god rose from the depths
and slit the belly of the beast.
The Dragon became earth, and it’s slayer
became Darkainan, Lord of the deep.

When the star emerged from the fires
of the dragon’s belly,
her glory lit the sky’s, and she became
Aurora, queen of the heavens.

Entranced by her beauty, Darkainan seized the godess,
but Aurora fled to the heavens, leaving only the feathers
loosed from her wings.
Where each feather fell, life began.

Enraged, Darkainan tore out his eye and hurled it over the world.
Still it circles the night, cursing mortals with death,
Gathering them into the depths to swell
the dungeons of the dark lord.

But Aurora hears the cries
of her children beneath the waves,
And every eve she plunges into the deep
to search out the lost ones.

If our hearts burn with Aurora’s light in life,
then so shall they in death.
She will find us in the murky depths and carry us
to join our fathers among the stars.

If our hearts are dark and cold in life,
then so shall they be in death,
And we will be lost to her, doomed to endure
Darkainan’s rage for all time.



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