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Elven war-craft is superior in almost every respect, but the crown jewel of the Imperial arsenal is the golem, a mechanized suite of armor that renders its occupant virtually impervious. Yet Golems are more than machines. They are living constructs capable of independent thought and action. Most have the intelligence and loyalty of a well-trained horse or dog.

The key ingredient to golem creation is the skull of a living cleric. For this reason all imperial citizens are required to report suspected clerics to the authorities. Captured cerics are housed in special Monistaries and “treated” with mental conditioning until they accept their approved role in society.

A Gearmage is a wizard who specializes in the construction of golems. They posses the mechanical skills needed to construct the golems physical form, as well as the arcane skills needed to infuse it with the consiousness of a “reformed” cleric.

Most golems have no memory of their former life, but defective models are occasionally drawn to people and places once familiar.



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